Hash Boy Eats more Shiggy

Our Approach

I believe in cold beer, live lays, shiggy, shortcutting, loud hash songs, never announcing your trail is an A-to-A, never giving up the high ground and there are no rules.  I also believe I'll have another beer.

Our Story

I was accidentally born in a brewery during a class field trip in 1995. It's true, you can read all about it in Hash Boy Issue #00 - The Boy Who Would Be Keg.

Meet the Hash Boy Team

I have a faithful hash hound named Foamy and a couple of old, orange grizzled hashers that are my keepers.

Generic Hasher

Typical loyal Hash Boy fan.


Hash Boy

Hashing Icon

I have a lot of issues.


Hash Hound

Brrr, rrrr.  Woohoo!

On On to Next Steps...

Feel free to check out the hashing world's famous Hash Boy Comics archive.  On On!