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Hash Boy

What’s your return policy if I don't find your Hash Boy hashing comic issues funny?

You cannot Return any of our products --no questions answered--within 3 beers of reading. Once read they cannot be unread. We don't even pay return shipping.

Can you include my older sister, uncle, podiatrist or my favorite bartender in your next comic issue of Hash Boy?

Sorry, it's my world.  I just let you hash in it.

Do you have customer service?

You already asked me that. Duh.

Why don't more likenesses of "real" local Hashers appear in the Hash Boy comic strips?

On occasion, the creators will see fit to include the likeness of a particularly eccentric or infamous Hasher as part of the story-line. In general though, Hashers are uncouth and slovenly in their appearance and their caricatured likenesses often upset young children and the elderly.

What is that stuff always dripping out of Foamy's mouth?

I'm not quite sure, but I wouldn't touch it.

Does Hash Boy really read all of those books we see on the bookshelf in the comic strips or are they merely props?

No. He generally limits his literature to beer labels and the dirty pictures in an occasional Hash rag.

What were some of the runner-up names in Hash Boy's naming committee?

Barrel O'Connor, Mr. Head, Keg McFoamin', Bud Grant, Open-Festering Cylinder-fella and Ale Ron Hibbert.

Did Hash Boy play any competitive sports when he was in school, and if so, which ones?

No. Although in his Freshman year, he tried out and failed at Water Polo. He experienced sinking and embarrassing rusting on his torso.