6 thoughts on “Tee Shirt Drawer”

  1. Hiya Nut – you can include the Interhash 2012 Hash Boy/Laura Croft event shirt you designed for Harrier Magazine if you still have the artwork. On On, Bimbette

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! We are still loading the comics, but will definitely include Laura Croft shirt. I definitely have the file.

  2. Nut, I wore my Sammie Davis Jr shirt last night in the Belle Isle Babes HHH. It was much admired! It is now laundered & safe in the vault. I’m traveling to the 1st GA & SC Interhash tomorrow with more of you art on a Tumbling Dice FM shirt and some Long Island Lunatics HHH gear. Cheers & on on, I-Feel Tower

  3. I wore that shirt to work last week and nobody said anything. Hmmm…

    Glad are getting some use out of it and are on the road spreading the Virginia hash gospel.

    ONON! Nut

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