Recent news reports have announced the passing of new laws requiring the posting of the Hash House Harriers Ten Commandments in all school classrooms, highway truck stops, bowling alleys, zoos and bars.

Hash House Harriers Ten Commandments

1 Hares shalt not prelay an announced live-lay trail more than 48 hours prior
2 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s jockey box
3 Thou shalt not weareth brand new hash footwear nor sandals to the hash
4 Thou shall wash thy soiled, sweaty hash garments and thongs at least once a year
5 Thou shall read and share Hash Boy Comics at the hash beer checks and on-on-on
6 Thou shall keep thy hash vessels clean and yeast-free
6.9 Thou shall protect and defend thy sacred hashname against slings and arrows, hashshit nominations and copyright infringement
7 Thou shall learn the words to more than one hash song
8 Thou shall carry and soundeth mightily thy hash whistle or hash horn whilst on-trail
9 Thou shalt not fall asleep nor snore loudly whilst in the hash circle
10 Thou shalt not bare false cleavage

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