(Sung by the Hash House Quartet to the tune “Downtown” by Petula Clark)

When you are hashing, and get busted for flashing
You can always do a
When you are haring, and the pack just keeps snaring
You get to drink a
Just listen to those lyrics from your RA what a singer
If you don’t like him then just give him middle finger
How can you lose?
The beers are much lighter here
You can just drink all the bubbles, yell “fuck all the hares!”
And do DownDowns, things’ll be great after
DownDowns, no whiner place for sure
DownDown everyone’s waiting for your

If you trip on the trail and fall right on your tail
That just means you’ll do
Maybe you know some little hashes to go to
Where they always do
Just listen to the commands of your senile GM’s orders
If you want to dis him you can show him your hind-quarters
Flashing again
The tights are much tighter here
You can forget all your clothing, and even hash bare
And drink DownDowns, where all the Beers are light
DownDowns, waiting for you tonight
DownDown, you’re gonna be alright now
DownDown, downdown

And you may find some hash half-mind to help and understand you
Someone who is just like you and needs a beer-filled hand to
Sing them a song
So maybe I’ll see you there
We can forget all our clothing, and even hash bare
And do DownDowns, things’ll be great for sure
DownDown, don’t wait a minute for
DownDown, everyone’s waiting for your
DownDown, downdown, downdown, downdown
DownDown, downdown, downdown, downdown, downdown, dowdown

# # #

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