Hash Boy Eats more Shiggy

Our Approach

I believe in cold beer, live lays, shiggy, shortcutting, loud hash songs, never announcing your trail is an A-to-A, never giving up the high ground and there are no rules.  I also believe I'll have another beer.

Our Story

I was accidentally born in a brewery during a class field trip in 1995. It's true, you can read all about it in Hash Boy Issue #00 - The Boy Who Would Be Keg.

Meet the Hash Boy Team

I have a faithful hash hound named Foamy and a couple of old, orange grizzled hashers that are my keepers.


Who draws all of the Hash Boy comics?

The Hash Boy Comics panels are initially sketched using leftover haring chalk and are then each redrawn by hand and inked by a group of orphaned art students attending an Artist Academy in an old brewery located high in an undisclosed mountainous region of Eastern Europe or Asia. The art students are told they are free to leave the brewery at any time.


Generic Hasher

Typical loyal Hash Boy fan.



Hash Boy

Hashing Icon

I have a lot of issues.

HB poop


Hash Hound

Brrr, rrrr.  Woohoo!

On On to Next Steps...

Feel free to check out the hashing world's famous Hash Boy Comics archive.  On On!

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