Hash Boy Launches Recording Artist Career

Hash Boy 58 Sings Down-Down Hash Songs
Sing-Along with Hash Boy (LP Cover Image courtesy K-Hash Records)

Hashing icon Hash Boy has announced his decision to become a famous recording star.  The hashing celebrity felt that his singing talents should not be limited to singing down-downs in the circle or “Alouetting” some unsuspecting bartender at an ononon.

“I have a gift that must be shared with the world!” exclaimed a sweaty Hash Boy in the middle of down-downs.

Hash Boy 58 Sings Christmas
A Hash Boy Christmas (1965) (8-track image courtesy K-Hash Records)

In addition to his inaugural album release Sing-Along with Hash Boy“, K-Hash Records is releasing a previously unreleased holiday-themed album A Hash Boy Christmas  that includes a rare live 1965 concert recording of a stiletto heel-wearing thong-clad Hash Boy singing the Hash Holiday Standard “Walkin’ ‘Round in Women’s Underwear“.

K-Hash Records promotional music video of the song filmed with 14 cameras during the concert had to be removed from the internet due to the extremely high-volume of site visitors.


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