Hash Boy Gets Stuck in Fence Stranding Dozens of Hashers

Canyon trail
Rescuers are working to free Hash Boy who became stuck in a fence at the bottom of this scenic canyon while hashing five days ago.

An international hashing drama continued to unfold today as celebrity Hashing icon Hash Boy remained solidly wedged in a fence deep in a rugged canyon in a remote desert area. The cactus-strewn canyon was being used by a group of Hash House Harriers, several hundred of which were following a trail laid earlier by a hare that had only one way in and out.

The only way to the end of the trail was through a narrow hole in a fence, but access to the hole was inadvertently blocked by a hasher named Hash Boy who become lodged in the fence hole nearly five days ago.

Hash Boy ate this Desert Stink Beetle that crawled by on Day 3 of the ordeal.
Hash Boy ate this Desert Stink Beetle that crawled by the fence on Day 3 of the ordeal.

Several hundred hashers, members of the Hash House Harriers attending the bi-annual Big Interhash, were backed up on trail for 3 miles due to the fence hole blockage. Local officials have called in support from the Army Corps of Engineers in an effort to determine how to remove Hash Boy from the fence. Hash Boy, when questioned by reporters as to how he became lodged in the fence, explained he “must’ve gained a few pounds during the pandemic” and had thought he could make it through the fence like “shit thru a goose”.

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