Hash Boy Comics Issue Goes Viral

The latest hash house harriers Hash Boy comics issue, released online days ago, has unexpectedly gone viral.
The Hash Boy comics issue which features the infamous H3 hashing comics icon Hash Boy doing a down-down, singing hash songs and short-cutting shiggy trails has somehow infected thousands of unsuspecting hashers world-wide. Viewers of the Hash Boy comic are reporting symptoms including amnesia, pogonophobia, tinnitus, eczema, lumbago, leporiphobia, hair loss, scurvy, Pupkin Syndrome and in limited cases nystagmus.
Medical experts are at a loss to explain how this issue of Hash Boy comics went viral. Theories as to the source potentially point to a hash-borne virus somehow contaminating the ink or pens used by the left-handed hash artists who draw the Hash Boy comic panels. Other disease experts suspect Hash Boy’s questionable off-trail hygiene practices are involved.
Authorities recommend frequent hand-washing and sanitizer use after reading, discussing or handling any Hash Boy comics. You probably want to take a shower, too.
When reached for comment, Hash Boy was at a loss to explain what happened. He stated “It’s probably something transmitted by Foamy. Maybe I can get a new disease named after him.”

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