DMV Notifies Drivers of New Traffic Control Signage

The state DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) announced today the addition of new Traffic Sign designs that have been installed throughout the local area.  The DMV spokesperson was not sure why these new signs have been erected, but they are out there so you will need to learn about them prior to taking your next Driver’s Licensing exam.

Yellow Hash Boy chasing Hare Traffic Sign
Traffic Sign Model S7 advising motorists that a hare snare is imminent (Courtesy State DMV Dept.)









Hash Boy "I Saw You Autohashing" traffic sign
Traffic Sign Model S20 cautions drivers that Big Hash Brother is watching. (Courtesy State DMV Dept.)



Hash Boy says "Shiggify Yourself!" Traffic Signage
Traffic Sign Model S4 reminding drivers to “Shiggify Themselves”  first before “Shiggifying” any of their passengers. (Courtesy State DMV Dept.)


Standing Hash Boy holding shiggy Hash Boy Traffic Sign
Traffic Sign Model S3 informs motorists they are entering a wildland-urban interface zone and must turn on wipers, headlights and roll-up all vehicle windows (Courtesy State DMV Dept.)


Yellow OC Hump Hash FRB Traffic Sign
Traffic Sign Model H3 warns drivers to get to it we haven’t got all day (Courtesy State DMV Dept.)

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