Hash Boy Exhibits Left-Handed Mug Collection

America's Interhash Southern California (1989) Mug

In a gesture sure to excite the world hashing community, Hash Boy has announced he will be touring the America’s, Europe and Asia next year to exhibit his “Left-Handed Beer Mug Collection”.

The museum-quality collection of rare left-handed hash drinking vessels, assembled over the past three decades by Hash Boy represents what some believe to be the only collection of its kind.

“I don’t know why other half-minds haven’t thought of this before” remarked a sweaty Hash Boy as he finished carefully packing his Left-Handed mug collection in padded shipping crates for overseas transport. “Maybe those wankers are all righties” he mused.

“Just take a gander at this left-handled beauty of a vessel” implored Hash Boy as he held an OCHHH Betty Ford Rehab Hash XI Jerry Garcia left-handed mug aloft proudly. He exclaimed aloud “Hey you right-handed hasher wanks – just try to do a down-down out of this Southpaw vessel!”

OCHHH Betty Ford Rehab Hash XI (1997) Jerry Garcia Mug Back

To demonstrate the breadth of his left-handed mug collection Hash Boy carefully held aloft a left-handed vessel from OCHHH Betty Ford Rehab Hash V (1991) Frank Sinatra. Hash Boy confessed “Even though it is a coffee mug, you don’t have to put coffee in it. You can sip beer from it and no one will know.”

OCHHH Betty Ford Rehab Hash V Mug Front (1991) Frank Sinatra