For Sale: One Used H3 Check

Hash Boy announced today that he is offering the gently used hash check pictured for immediate sale to the highest hasher bid. Individual hasher or hash kennel bids will be accepted through April 2018. Shipping is not included in the purchase price.

The beautiful hand-carved shiggy check was laid live earlier this year by an experienced unsnared hare during an early-morning weekend hash lay using 100% bleached and sifted organic All-Purpose flour purchased at either a Sam’s Club or Walmart in late Winter 2017. The check was only used once and has not (yet) been exposed to any rain nor wildfires.

Located on a gently sloping downhill shiggy trail with 270 degree seaside views, the check currently offers four possible false trail opportunities and a future potential for a nasty long uphill YBF BT for the FRB’s in your kennel depending on planned zoning development.