Hash Boy Clone Program Success Announced

Hash Boy, like all hashers, is aging.

A hash-funded, secret Hash Boy Cloning Program was initiated in 1999 to ensure that a living Hash Boy will always be available for future generations of hashers to snare.

An actual hasher costumed as a Hash Boy Clone standing in a park next to a miniature Foamy replica
Recent Hash Boy Clone B47291 and Faux Foamy (2018)

Using a painful experimental medical technique involving metal shavings taken from the backside of his keg torso, local area hashers have proudly announced significant progress has finally been made in scientific efforts to clone Hash Boy.

Initial Hash Boy cloning efforts proved challenging as evidenced by the troubling result pictured in the image below.

Hash Boy Clones circa 1999
Hash Boy Clone Failure in Phase 1 (circa 1999)

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