Rare Crayon Hashing Etchings by Young Hash Boy

Hash Boy Age 7 Crayon etching "Hare Snare"
Hash Boy Age 7 Crayon etching “Hare Snare”

Several rare and possibly collectible signed crayon etchings have been discovered in a dusty box in the back of Hash Boy’s closet. The crayon drawings, produced when Hash Boy was around 6-7 years old, clearly show that hashing, hares and hashers were on the young lad’s half-mind even at that young age.


A curiously-colored, trail-worn On On foot design drawn by Hash Boy was found in the Hash Boy crayon art collection.

At age 6 a precocious, hashing-focused Hash Boy drew what some artists have referred to as a Beer Still Life.

Hash Boy says "Beer is Good"
Hash Boy says “Beer is Good”